Monday, November 14, 2011

Working in Clay

Lately I have really felt like working in clay but in small scales so I started making these cool little pottery bits for mosaic and jewelry artist to use in their work while also doing a lot of grouting on mosaics - here are a few pictures

I'm also gearing up on mosaics to get ready for the Athens Festival.  I will get mosaic photos really soon

Monday, August 29, 2011


I really enjoy making Welcome Signs.  Tonight I ran across a few of my welcome sign pictures and just thought I'd  blog about a few of them
I found this wooden Watering Pitcher and just had to grab it - it was a fun piece to do in blues with my little handmade welcome letters too.  SOLD

A vintage owl trivet with stained glass added to the backside with pottery welcome letters, stained glass, little pottery leaves, and broken plate rim - SOLD

I think it took me 2 years to make this little welcome pig sign, it just kept getting put to the side.  I loved it when it was finished and it SOLD in a snap

Another little owl!  I just love cute owls. A fun blend of the golden yellow, black, and white.  SOLD

In honor of my friend Colleen Frog Girl - she loves bright colors and I just had to make this bright frog into a welcome sign.   Broken plates, pottery letters and frog, with glass gems.  SOLD

A little vintage rooster on the top!  Pottery welcome letters and stained glass.  Little glass gems on the sides.  SOLD

Welcome Friends with pinks and browns.  Stained glass with pottery letters and a flower that I did in pink raku - SOLD

A rectangle sign with a little sunshine and frog.  Pottery frog and letters with broken plates all around - SOLD

I think of this one as country blues.  Pottery letters and flowers on top, with vitreous tiles, broken plates, and little millefiori slices - SOLD

An eclectic Welcome.  A little bit of everything besides the kitchen sink - I remember I enjoyed randomly adding to it for a couple of months.  SOLD

I'll have to dig up some more of the ole Welcome signs.  I always "welcome" the opportunity to make special - personalized signs too

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bold & Beautiful

Summer has zoomed by - my blog has been left in the dust a little.  I'm dusting it off and starting off with this bright beautiful treasury I was featured in this afternoon

Fall is approaching - my favorite color season of the year

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making a pair

When I got the two dutch wooden shoes I just couldn't decide if I wanted them to match.  There were too many options so my creative side let it roll and let them be mixed.  I enjoyed making the flower one using the little ceramic flowers I made.  Grouting was a challenge since they all set above the stained glass.  It turned out just like I would want a little wild flower garden to be.  The blue and yellows just seemed fitting for the dutch shoe to me.  I enjoyed the different china pieces blending together in this one.  The grout really makes the whole piece pop!

little dragonfly tile for a mosaic

little froggie tile 

Getting ready for the Athens festival on Saturday.  Last night I finished off some frames and hope that today I can finish cutting mirrors for the mirrors and getting them inserted and hardware on them all.  Then I have a big long sign for my tent that I really want to paint so it can slide into it.  Might be too heavy but thought I would try :>) It will be a little crafty project time which always are relaxing